Our client, Outsmart (the out-of-home marketing body) wanted to understand the relevance of outdoor advertising to increasingly connected consumers so as to optimise their media plan and spend.

What we did:

We recruited 470 participants, and asked them to download two apps to track where they’d been, what out-of-home (OOH – outdoor media such as billboard posters, bus shelters and subway posters) campaigns they’d been exposed to, and what on-device actions they subsequently took.  All this measurement was passive which meant we captured normal and natural behaviour in the real world without disrupting the participants.

Key insight:

OOH is generally considered to be good for long-term brand building but, by comparing exposed and non-exposed groups, the results of this study demonstrated short-term benefits via an uplift in on-device brand action in those exposed to a brand’s advertising.


Our client, Outsmart, was able to use this research to reposition OOH to its clients and prospects as a brand interaction driver in the short-term, creating new potential business opportunities.


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