Understanding the daily life of a consumer to better plan advertising and communications


The IPA, the professional body for those working in the advertising and marketing communications industry, wanted to create a single source multi-media measurement solution to provide insight into the day in the life of a consumer to allow its members to optimise their communications.

What we did:

We combined a seven-day diary with passive measurement using a smartphone and tablet app to capture the context and perspective of people’s lives and provide insights into their media usage.

Key insight:

The passive dataset was comprehensive and could be analysed by category, subcategory and individual brand on a half-hourly basis, during the diary week. In addition, it provided data on brand reach and share, overall and by day-part.

The dataset included all online activity by device, dual-screening, shopping patterns, mobile and tablet usage etc.


The IPA and its members have used the dataset to inform and influence brand/advertiser communication and planning strategies to increase impact among their target audiences.


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