Uncovering the secret lives of football fans: a telecom brand sponsoring a high-profile football championship


As an official partner of a major football championship, a telecom client wanted to uncover what fans think, feel and do during the tournament, with a specific focus on the 90 minutes of a live match. In particular,  our client wanted to understand the passion of football fans and the role the brand could play in rewarding fans’ passion via its campaign

What we did:

We applied an integrated approach involving monitoring fans’ heart rates during matches (via FitBit) alongside immersive video observations, mobile diaries and online passive measurement.

Key insight:

We discovered that passion manifests itself in many different ways and just because you don’t see physical emotion, doesn’t mean people aren’t experiencing it.


The use of ‘in the moment’ data methods provided the client with a compelling customer story that helped them to better understand the impact of sponsoring major events. It has also informed the brand on how they can make future sponsorship opportunities more relevant and authentic for their customers.


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