A tech-focused manufacturing company wanted to understand how electronic toothbrushes/oral irrigators are used by consumers. Though they had a lot of data on what people say they do, they were conscious of a potential gap between reported and actual behaviour. They wanted to capture consumer behaviour on video to be used by their engineering and insights teams.

What we did:

We employed a mix of in-home filming using Go-Pros and in-studio professional filming. The films were then uploaded onto a video database and behaviours tagged and coded, to create an online video database that could be easily searched and used for analysis.  Waterpiks (devices which shoot a jet of water to clean between teeth) posed the greatest challenge for filming – to resolve this we installed a camera inside the sink to capture the in-mouth action.


This was the first time our client had seen how real consumers actually used Waterpiks and Air flossers. The footage has been shared across the company and has helped to shape product design and marketing.


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