Putting the fizz into trade relationships for a major soft drinks player

The brief:

Major UK based soft drinks company with a wide portfolio wanted to know how UK consumers actually behave within the online space when browsing, navigating and making their choices for soft drinks – to help them review and optimise portfolio, and have new news to reaffirm their relationship with major UK retailers as key category champions

Our solution:

We conducted one-to-one accompanied online-browsing interviews with 48 consumers – some of which were Eye tracked. This not only allowed us to build a qualitative attitudinal segmentation of six different soft-drink shopper ‘modes’, but also overlay certain key behaviours onto this

Key insight:

What is missed is as significant as what is noticed in mainstream supermarkets’ online store environments. Eye tracking revealed both how simple, colourful (not arty or overly subtle) promo flashes by product images had become a go-to thing to look for – and how much of the descending banner advertising at the edges of screens rarely achieved any eye-fall.


Our client was able to use the segmentation to help review their product portfolio – product mixes, pack sizes – and were able to demonstrate with eye-tracking video clips what worked well, what didn’t and where opportunities existed within customer journeys to catch the eye and encourage incremental spend.


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