The impact of pack design on purchase intent, Global FMCG brand


Our client was in the process of redesigning the pack of one if its products, but needed to discover if this new pack would impact consumers’ purchase decisions. They were particularly interested in whether this new pack design stood out more, compared to competitors and other pack options, and whether the design fitted with the brand’s equity and communications strategy.

What we did:

We created a virtual shopper experience which allowed us to replicate real-life context and understand if the new pack designs had resonated with consumers.

  • We tested two different product categories, body lotion & shower gel using pre-recorded 360º video footage of a Spanish store
  • Product concepts were overlaid with existing and new product designs
  • Eye-tracking was implemented to measure dwell time
  • 500 participants took part in the study

Key Insight:

The real benefit of the study was our client could test different categories and multiple concepts of each category product in one, realistic environment. The eye-tracking made the results more robust. This gave us a better understanding of how to optimise shelf positioning.


The client was so pleased with their re-useable virtual concept set-up, they will be conducting virtual tests on new concepts before they go to the physical prototype testing phase.


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