What is social intelligence?

Social intelligence mines social media (Twitter, Facebook, blogs, forums etc) to help organisations better understand opinions expressed online, and what it means for them.

What can it deliver?

  • Capture and analysis of spontaneous reaction to media, communications or public events
  • Capture and analysis of spontaneous reaction to customers’ experiences of organisations
  • Identification of prevailing sentiment towards an event or organisation on social media
  • Identification of previously unknown topics or experiences (i.e. more information about ‘unknown unknowns’)
  • Filling gaps in knowledge

Who do I contact?

Josh Keith
Associate Director, Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute

Stephen Yap
Head of Customer, Ipsos Loyalty

More about social intelligence

Social intelligence is a broad term for the analysis of social media data. Social media is a relatively new source of information for researchers. Given its scale, complexity and variety, social intelligence covers a wide range of different research methods and approaches.

These include:

  • Observational studies of online behaviour in forums and networks
  • Monitoring of topics, trends, attitudes and campaigns
  • Network analysis to identify key accounts and influencers

Using our social intelligence toolkit, and working with a range of platforms, Ipsos can deliver individually tailored solutions.

Case studies

Understanding the electorate’s reaction to the 2015 General Election debates in real time

Tracking attitudes to utilities and understanding consumers’ reactions when things to wrong, utility provider

Understanding customer experience of food outlets online

Predicting ratings for TV shows