What is rapid research?

Rapid research champions key elements of our traditional methods and can effectively turn research from design to reporting in as little as 24 hours by utilising our global office structure. Fast research significantly reduces timings of traditional methods down from weeks to days.

What can it deliver?

  • Ability to obtain insights and consumer feedback on a design/product concept quickly
  • Provides robust guidelines on concept development & optimisation for new product concepts/designs
  • Deep dive into qualitative consumer feedback on a specific issue/topic
  • Able to provide pre-testing for advertising in a quick and efficient research method

Who do I contact?

Public Affairs

Steven Ginnis, Steven.Ginnis@ipsos.com, +442073473988
Josh Keith, Josh.Keith@ipsos.com, +442073473151


James Riley, James.Riley@ipsos.com, +442030594856


Eleanor Thornton-Firkin, Eleanor.Thornton-Firkin@ipsos.com, +4402030595024
Mark Flood, Mark.Flood@ipsos.com, +4402088618176


Susan Purcell, Susan.Purcell@ipsos.com, +4402030595340
Amy Thomson, Amy.Thomson@ipsos.com, +4402030594738

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More about rapid research

Rapid quantitative research is ideal for testing ideas and product and packaging concepts and pre-concepts. Ideas or concepts are supplied by 4pm, with fieldwork conducted in different countries overnight, and results delivered the next morning. Up to five concepts or 50 ideas can be tested in a standard ten-minute online questionnaire. This quick turnaround takes advantage of time differences and is made possible by Ipsos’ global presence.

While taking slightly longer than rapid quantitative research, rapid qualitative research still offers a significant time reduction from traditional qual research. Typically, rapid qual projects take about five days from kick-off to reporting, allowing our clients to make quicker decisions. Rapid qualitative research is perfect for a quick qualitative steer on pack designs, new concepts or print advertising, or for optimising different concepts.

Case studies

Choosing the best performing pack design, quickly

Disrupting the homecare category with rapid research

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