Understanding the performance and impact of advertising in a multi-channel world


The client wanted to optimise their brand campaign and allocated media budget, so needed to understand the performance and impact of advertising and media investment in a multi-channel world.  They wanted to:

  • Measure the reach & frequency of real exposure to a TV spot to determine the most effective frequency.
  • Understand the detail of time and date exposures to inform where to spend the money most efficiently.
  • Understand the brand impact differences between the ‘exposure/recognised’ and ‘exposed/not recognition’ groups.

What we did:

We recruited 770 participants, representative of the UK online population aged 16 to 65, and asked them to download the MediaCell app onto their smartphones for a two-month period. Participants then answered a survey at the end of the campaign, focusing on campaign effectiveness and understanding the impact of exposure on brand image and equity.  The ads of interest were encoded and audio matched.


The results demonstrated uplifts in certain metrics for the exposed groups, both those that recalled the ad but also for those that didn’t.


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