What is passive measurement?

Passive is a measurement solution to capture behaviour in real-time on smartphones, tablets or PCs/laptops with little or no effort on behalf of the participant.

What can it deliver?

  • Understand digital usage, purchase experience, app usage
  • Understand mobile/online interaction with brands and advertising
  • Shopper touchpoints, online journeys and path to purchase
  • Understanding interaction with government/company digital services
  • Mapping population flow and use of infrastructure services
  • Measuring impact of behaviour change initiatives

Who do I contact?

Mark Flood
07816 138 504

More about passive measurement

Passive measurement provides actual behaviour on the device, collecting over 50 metrics covering app and website usage, texts and calls made, system and network information, and location.

Passively collected data can also be sourced from mobile operators. However, despite the larger sample size, this form of passive data is confined to mobile phones and when the device is using the operator network (i.e. not when connected to Wi-Fi).

It is also possible to provide participants with meters which are designed to capture specific data, such as GPS location. These devices are more expensive but less intrusive as they are distinct from other personal devices.

Case studies

Understanding the role of outdoor advertising

Understanding the daily life of a consumer to better plan advertising and communications

Understanding the online journey of skincare consumers

Understanding the infrastructure requirements of a local council to better meet needs