What is Ipsos mobile?

Ipsos mobile is an application available for Android and iOS (Apple) devices that allows quantitative survey completion, typically diaries, video and audio capture.

What can it deliver?

  • Survey completion in a format easy and convenient for participants
  • In-the-moment completion and geo-location based triggering to mitigate against recall bias
  • Richer data with collection of pictures, audio and video
  • Offline survey completion for participation even in areas without 3G or Wi-Fi
  • In-survey use of different media stimuli (picture/video/audio) for a more engaging participant experience
  • In-app notifications
  • Near real-time reporting of aggregate data via the user-friendly online dashboard

Who do I contact?

Innovation Manager
+44 (0)7870855279

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More about Ipsos Mobile

Ipsos Mobile is an Ipsos branded third party application (owned by Lumi Technologies) that allows in-the-moment data collection. While most commonly used for diary-type surveys, such as travel/touchpoints diaries, spending diaries, consumption diaries, it is also suitable for product tests and shopper tests. Offline survey completion makes the app useful for shopper missions or remote survey completion where internet connection can be an issue. Geo-triggering allows us to send surveys to participants when they reach a known location. In-app notifications allow us to remind respondents to keep filling in their diary or when to make entries.


Case studies

Understanding the true impact of sponsoring a global sporting event

Understanding in-the-moment emotions towards a brand