Merging consumer voices for an airline to improve customer service


An airline approached us to help them drive improvements in their business by utilising three different forms of text data they held about their customers’ experience (customer and employee surveys, and social media).

What we did:

We used text analytics to build a single code-frame that encompassed all three ‘voices’ and we then layered in sentiment.  This provided a holistic picture of what was being said, which was also filtered by voice.

We used prioritisation matrices to drive action planning, and delved into detailed categories for specifics.

We identified areas of resonance (where all voices agreed, thereby providing strong impetus to act) and dissonance (where the voices disagreed, suggesting more research was required).  These detailed categories also allowed us to explain some shifts in opinion over time.

Key insight:

For the first time, our client was able to see what all three voices were saying side-by-side.  Consequently, we were able to pinpoint clear areas of focus for the client, as well as areas of success.


The areas of focus discovered in this analysis linked to an internal review, providing evidence to make improvements for both staff and customers.


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