What is MediaCell?

MediaCell is a passive and scalable technology for measuring what consumers are exposed to via an audio output i.e. radio, TV, cinema etc. We measure the size of audience for media, channels, programmes or commercials. It uses a software-based method which makes electronic measurement more affordable. The technology fits in everyday consumer devices i.e. smartphones or tablets.

What can it deliver?

• Understanding of content and advertising penetration by measuring an individual’s audio media exposure – anytime, anywhere
• Understanding of content and advertising penetration, as well as consumption patterns, through measurement of TV set viewing and viewers
• Metrics on the effectiveness of cross-media and branding campaigns

Who do I contact?

Tim Farmer
+353 87 2760396

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More about passive measurement

MediaCell provides affordable and scalable media measurement. It harnesses technology to enable clients to understand their consumers, whether in terms of their cross media consumption or exposure to advertising.

MediaCell is a technology that enables us to measure what consumers are exposed to, whether that is the radio, TV, cinema or anything that contains audio. This enables us to measure the size of audiences for media, channels, programmes or commercials. It also enables us to measure cross-media behaviour.

MediaCell is a passive technology application that is self-installed and fits inside everyday consumer devices like smartphones or tablets, transforming them into unobtrusive, powerful meters which are already part of participants’ lives. The opportunities are many. Its affordability, passive nature and scalability mean that it can fit into many research or other commercial designs.

Case studies

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