Targeting participants by layering behavioural modelling on top of community


Our client wanted to get increased value from their community by inviting participants to take part in surveys that were relevant to their lifestyle, interests and activities.

What we did:

We invited the members of our client’s online community to download a smartphone app, developed by our technology partner, which tracks people’s offline behaviour. The app takes data from participants’ smartphone sensors and uses smart analytics to determine their behaviour throughout the day. In addition to that, it generates profiling variables such as demographics & lifestyle by analyzing behavioural patterns.

Key insight:

The activity data added a new dimension to the client’s ongoing shopper community:

  • Are consumers healthy? (Walk or bike, go to fitness/sports locations, etc.)
  • Are they loyal? (Stores they frequent, for what, how often)
  • Are they habitual? (Always go to the grocery store on Monday after work? etc.)
  • Are they selective? (Shopping multiple grocery stores in one trip to serve multiple needs – meat at Whole Foods, staples at S&S, etc.)
  • Are they busy? (School drop off, work, gym, day care, drugstore, etc.)


With the behaviour and activity data now correlated to community members’ profiles, the client can trigger surveys about specific behaviours to the most relevant respondents, improving the data quality and keeping community members engaged, as they are not answering surveys on irrelevant topics.


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