What is the Insight Cloud?

The Insight Cloud is Ipsos’ proprietary platform for creating, nurturing and activating insights. The Insight Cloud is a cloud-based platform which makes the most of multimedia assets and stakeholder collaboration to bring insights to life.

What can it deliver?

  • Quicker decisions by having curated insights on demand – spend less time mining through data, with quick access to your most important intelligence
  • Understanding what has been learned in other parts of an organisation to avoid commissioning repeat projects
  • Intelligence and insights delivered through the lens of business questions
  • A learning culture that connects experts to think better together and inspires them to fuel creativity and innovation

Who do I contact?

Rollo McIntyre
+44 (0)7876 562234

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The Insight Cloud takes curated insight to the next level. We are creating a Chatbot (a computer program which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods) to help users navigate the Insight Cloud in a new and intuitive way. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the Chatbot can find the insights users are searching for, as well as suggesting additional complementary insights that were not directly searched for, allowing discovery as well as search. The human element is still necessary to contextualise, understand and interpret the business question and to add cultural nuances.

The Insight Cloud can also be experienced in a Mixed Reality format using HoloLens, a headset that superimposes the virtual onto the real world. This prototype version of the Insight Cloud, allows people to interact with virtual data and media assets in their own environment – for example they could grab five insight cards from the Insight Cloud and put them on the wall of the office where a meeting is taking place; in a workshop, people could interact with the insights cards with people in the room, as well as with others remotely anywhere in the world.

Insight Cloud HoloLens Prototype


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