Digital Observation: How consumers actually lead their lives

Digital Observation allows you to step into participants’ worlds and empathise with their point of view.

What is Digital Observation?

Digital Observation is the use of cameras, typically worn by participants to observe in-the-moment and daily life rituals.

What can it deliver?

  • Understanding consumers’ behaviour at otherwise difficult to capture moments, in particular within their home and their daily life rituals e.g. household cleaning
  • In-the-moment capture
  • Understanding of consumer journeys and routine behaviour
  • Natural, uninterrupted emotional and sentimental response to media and communication materials
  • In-situ product testing

Who do I contact?

Inge Salom


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More about Digital Observation

Digital observation typically uses cameras worn by participants or installed in their homes to allow researchers to observe moments of their daily life. Cameras include Go-Pros (worn or placed on a surface), static cameras (installed in a fixed position usually for a long period), camera glasses (worn like regular glasses or sunglasses), and mobile phone cameras.

Digital observation allows us to see natural, uninterrupted behaviour. The technology allows us to step into participants’ worlds and empathise with their point of view.

The technology (higher definition, 360 video capture etc.) is gradually improving, making it faster and easier for researchers and participants to use. This in turn will improve the video quality and level of detail in the recordings.

We are also able to partner with online video platforms to help manage, analyse and host content.

Case Studies

Understanding consumer behaviour within dental care

Understanding the emotional truths with pet care

Identifying the underlying moments of ‘unhealthy’ eating behaviours