Determining priority must-dos when launching new variant to a well-known range

The brief:

A large multi-national over-the-counter pharmaceutical goods company with a successful brand in a three-player category in the UK was looking to drive greater differentiation and top of mind (and heart) in smoking cessation oral products. To do this, they were introducing a new-to-category flavour and wanted to achieve standout on shelf, as their ad budget would be small. How do shoppers behave at fixture and how could that knowledge be used to trigger the optimal disruption?

Our solution:

We conducted a series of 20 eye tracked one-to-one shop-along interviews in a simulated supermarket aisle environment. This allowed us to rotate and road-test the standout of four different potential approaches to POS material, plus the proposed pack front.

Key insight: 

The pack front is the real ‘real estate’ for the eye. Eye-tracking heat maps revealed that in fact, the shopper avoided looking at shelf-edger POS banners and gave only a little more attention to bus-stop descending signage. Instead, it showed how pack front was the real go-to navigation aid for shoppers in this category.


Client learned that in fact they had a strong weapon in the bright pink key colour chosen for the pack fronts on the new product – which caught the eye, and brought in the intrigue to read, engage and try. They were able fine tune that design for optimal standout, now aware that this was going to be the key arena for notice.


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