Understanding customer experience of food outlets online


The Food Standards Agency (FSA) see social media as a potential medium through which they can act in the best interests of consumers. As a pilot, they sought to understand the utility of social media in this regard through analysis of consumer conversations with supermarkets and restaurants over Twitter.

What we did:

Ipsos MORI monitored the interactions of consumers with 10 supermarkets and restaurants over 6 weeks, coding data by type of interaction and consumer outcome. Using this data we were able to report on typical topics customers usually engage with food businesses about, the overall sentiment of these conversations, the level and quality of response received by consumers, and the value of outcome.

Key insight:

The research highlighted the variation in approaches to customer service using social media, from purely marketing approaches, through to genuine examples of direct engagement with consumers to solve customer issues.


This study helped the FSA to establish whether customers receive good customer service when engaging with food businesses online.


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