Bringing the consumer voice into a mobile app, quick service restaurant


Our quick service restaurant (QSR) client wished to bring the consumer voice into the design of an optimal digital experience and mobile app for their brand, including the development of ’persona’ profiles that brought the consumer journey to life in a rich, vibrant way.

What we did:

We began with social listening to discover the gaps in the client’s current digital experience. We then explored these themes in more depth with a four-week quant-qual community, talked to consumers as they dined at the restaurant or used the drive-thru, and finally followed up with in-home in-depth interviews.

Key insight:

The client gained insights in two key areas. Insights around how customers want their rewards displayed (what free products are available to them, rather than the monetary value – free stuff is more important than dollars) influenced the reward/loyalty offering. The project also provided insight into the kinds of features customers want from the new branded app (consumers want the ability to log in via Facebook, or stay logged in, and want to save favourites and split orders).


Insights gained through this research informed the design and development of the client’s digital app, which is currently focused on their reward/loyalty offering. The work will also help to shape future enhancements and offerings to be built within the app, such as the ability to order food. This project was also the first time the client had used direct consumer insights when making key business and menu decisions, starting a change in culture within the organisation.


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