An automotive dealer approached us with over 170k verbatim comments that were not being used.  They wanted to explore the comments to understand how they should improve their customer service but did not know where to start.

What we did:

Ipsos built a detailed picture of what the comments were saying and then used statistical techniques that compared the topics with respondents’ KPI ratings to confirm what customer service areas should be a key priority.

We then deep-dived into customer service, identifying what good and bad look like, showing how different areas of the business were performing against these, and creating prioritisation matrices for improvements.

Key insight:

We were able to tell our client what their customers were saying about them for the first time.  This included many positives, as well as clear signposts for improvements.


This insight provided the basis for new strategic planning about the customer experience.  It also fed into staff training to improve customer service.


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