Tracking attitudes to utilities and understanding consumers’ reactions when things go wrong, utility provider


A utilities provider needed regular feedback on customer attitudes and responses towards its performance and product launches.

What we did:

Ipsos Loyalty conducted text analytics on 50,000 social media posts each month, identifying customer reactions to new product launches and building trend data to identify seasonal patterns in customer attitudes and behaviour.

Furthermore, sentiment was layered on top of the analysis to provide evidence of salient customer ‘warmth’. We also used word clouds and exploratory maps to provide the client with a quick, eye-catching overview of communications.

Key insight:

This approach captured spontaneous enthusiasm for several new product launches among different consumer groups, which could be fed back to the design and production teams involved.

It also highlighted – in an impactful way – just how angry and emotionally engaged customers can be when things go wrong, underlining the importance of maintaining service levels.


The results enabled our client to better recognise and celebrate their successes.

Where problems were found, the analysis provided support to an existing programme of system and staff training reviews.


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