Combining electronic TV measurement with viewer attribution modelling


People meters have long been the core of Television Audience Measurement solutions worldwide.  MediaCell is a new technology based on consumer hardware; tablets and smartphones.  The addition of the MediaCell software transforms these into powerful and affordable meters, which fit well within the modern environment.  The test panel was conceived to demonstrate the effectiveness and affordability of MediaCell and how this provides an option for future TV measurement systems.

Our solution:

We recruited a panel of 300 households in which we installed MediaCell Set Meters (the measurement of programmes viewed, but not people viewing) and MediaCell People Meters (the measurement of programmes viewed and of people viewing). We also developed a powerful proprietary Viewer Attribution Model which transformed the Set Meter data, modelling who was viewing.


The panel proved how MediaCell technologies could work in combination to provide audience measurement from both People Meters and Set Meters, with the innovative Viewer Attribution Model adding power to the Set Meter data, and how in combination these solutions provide affordable and scalable measurement of TV viewing for the future.


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