Understanding the influence of mood elevation in shopper behaviour


We wanted to understand if we can improve shoppers’ moods and therefore positively impact their in-store purchase behaviour.

What we did:

We used a combination of approaches (eye-tracking, measuring heart rate and skin conductance, and voice pitch analysis) to understand the natural shopping and navigation experience of shoppers in a grocery store. We conducted in-store intercepts and divided participants into two cells where the test cell shoppers received a flower while the control cell shoppers experienced no intervention.

Key insight:

We discovered that receiving flowers resulted in an improved mood (more engagement, and excitement through biometrics) which in turn resulted in bigger shopping baskets, less price sensitivity and a more positive retail experience.


This study highlighted that it is possible for manufacturers and retailers to affect shoppers’ moods and influence category closure rates, basket size and brand perceptions through positive in-store interventions.


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