Creating communications that resonate with physicians – UK pharmaceutical company


The respiratory healthcare market has rapidly developed in the past five years and both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and the pharma industry had been creating their own parallel terminology to name the different products available. Our client needed to get closer to the language used by the prescribers in order to develop communications for a new product that would resonate with them.

What we did:

We first ran a one-week online community to provide qualitative insights into the language used by HCPs, then used a quantitative survey to confirm this was the optimal terminology for the new product.

Key insight:

The online community gave a wealth of insight into how physicians spontaneously talked about therapy options, which was often very different to how the healthcare industry discussed these topics. We were able to provide direct recommendations as to terminology that should be used in launch communications to ensure the product immediately resonated with physicians.


The client gained a real understanding of the language used by physicians in naming different therapy options and were able to align their communications with physician’s language, rather than the industry terminology, to better resonate with them.


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