Testing a new version of mobile app in an innovative way – skincare manufacturer, USA


Our client developed a new global web platform which enables consumers to discover the skincare products best suited to their needs just by having their picture analysed via their smartphone. Prior to the high-profile launch, our client needed to test that the new algorithm was superior at providing a more personal, customized recommendation, compared to an older algorithm.

What we did:

We screened and selected 300 existing syndicated community members, then divided them into three groups (old algorithm, new algorithm, and no algorithm), and invited them to a multi-week product test conducted over five weeks. Based on the survey outputs, we ordered products directly from online retailers and shipped them to participants’ homes. Consumers were then engaged in a 5-week product trial including weekly usage surveys, selfie submissions, and qualitative discussions.

Key insight:

We learned that the new algorithm’s recommendations did indeed instil more confidence and higher purchase intent, compared to the old one.


Happy that their new algorithm was providing a superior service, the client was able to launch the app to the public with confidence. Additionally, our engagement-driven approach in the community helped lead to exceptionally high compliance, with 86% of participants completing the full process from start to finish


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